Finished RG65's Finished RG65's Round Ranger first sail in Chile Claudio admires his year of work before it hits the water. 188019139 Ranger and Simatara in Chile Formal racing starts again in March 2014 188019140 Rob Suydam - Building Addict I think he is mad i beat him last regatta... 195660964 Rob Suydam's new Round Ranger I hope to see how he does at the Richmond Club Championship Regatta on Nov 17th 2013. 185922873 Rob Suydam's Region 3 winning Pakinto Robs throw outs were a 2nd and a 4th. He really showed us how to do it that day ! 185922874 All 3 Breaking Wind RG's Built by Al in Richmond Thanks Al your one of my biggest fans. 180277710 UK's Newest Pakinto Phil tells me she made quick work of eating up the local D.F. boats. After all the name means Dragon Slayer ! 185338611 Jim's new Pakinto Watch out California !! 179388821 Greece - Ranger Nice water . 177953062 First Pakinto from GER bulk order of 14 hulls 165976849 Pakinto by Breaking Wind Boats I got one sailing. She is a beauty ! 156441328 Germany - Ranger 144758902 German Simatara 144758903 2 Rangers In Germany 144758910 Massachusettes - Ranger 144758904 France - Ranger 144758905 France Some fine work here. 144758915 Delaware Ranger 4th place in 2011 NCR 144758906 Delaware Ranger - Interior 144758911 Reston Virginia 144758914 Virginia Sailing 144758907 French Ranger In Carbon Fiber 144758908 Ranger by Rob Suydam 144758909 Pro Built Ranger by Vision Sails 144758912 Ranger By Vision Sails 144758913 Ron 3rd place in 2011 NCR 144875482 Ron-2 New York 144875483 New York - Ranger Ron-3 144758901 Don 7th place 2011 NCR 144875484 Ron and Jim 3rd & 6th 2011 NCR 144875485 4 Rangers at 2011 US NCR 144875486 Simatara by Vision Sails 144997729 Simitarra by Rob Suydam Richmond 147567916 UK Ranger by Don S. 157893487 Spain - Ranger The Ranger in Spain sails downwind mainly on a plane. Couldn't help myself-sorry 170340550 Where RG's come from. A rare siteing of the mating ritual. 182540626