Simatara Build 12-12 Simatara Build 12-12 Draw line and trim hull 171123361 Draw line and cut deck Do a good job here this one shows. 171123357 Deck Finish cut 171123347 Round file into corners before folding Avoid square cuts anywhere with plastic. 171123350 Second corner Avoid square cuts anywhere with plastic. 171123353 Folding is after trimming Don't try to go all the was at once. A few passes will follow the crease. It will spring back some. 171123410 Hull edge folded in 171123411 Mark center line on hull 171123346 Getting center line to inside 171123351 No turning back, cut the hole. 171123412 Glue 2 trunk half's together 171123414 Mark keel trunk on template. 171123363 My keel needed some work to fit into trunk 171123345 Dry fit the 3 together Tape holds keel and hull in correct position. 171123349 Trunk with glue 171123344 Top support Next time I'll make the trunk lower and top will be solid. 171123348 Bow taped ready to glue. This is an easy place to add to much glue / weight. 171123355 My assistant .... 171123354 set up to drill rudder post. Hull and deck It is up on the block to drill square to the waterline. 171123359 Post glued in 171123362 Deck and hull ready to glue together. 171123358 Taped in place. Start gluing MEK from the stern. 171123356 Gluing where the tape was. 171123352 Needed to pull out a spot before gluing. 171123360 Rod glued in keel. cut off after. 171123413