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I will not be taking any orders for a while. The Donald keeps telling me the economy is BOOMING.
From where I sit the only thing I see is everything I buy is going up in price.
I have been making these stands for about 4 years now and have been able to hold onto my original low price, until now.
I hope everyone goes out and votes, my ballot is in the mail. Vote Early Vote Often.
If your on the list before today don't worry I'm working on it with material I have on hand.
When the dust settles and I get a grip on what will change I'll put an announcement here and on my face book page.
Till then sail fast, live slow.

02-02-2020    Price change due to material cost going up.
A single 65 or 95 stand will be $70 each
2 or 3 df65 or df95 stands ordered and shipped in one box will still be $65 each.

Save a tree, order 3 !
2 or 3 fit in one box and ship for almost the same price as one.
Mix and match 65 and 95
(US UPS only)

 Here is a real time stand assembly video.

  For my Long distance people I have found the magic number is 3 stands in one box.

Mix and match DF65 and DF95 stands if you have both.

This brings postage cost down to between $30 to $35 per stand.

This is good for Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe and the UK.

Substantial savings across the US also.


No containers to wait for here !