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4-3-21   GO !
Sorry that Chucks container is delayed but good news for you I'm all caught up on the list and the wait time is very short.
I'm still only working part time so making parts is my bottleneck for the near future.
What really helps me and you is to get together and order 2 or better yet 3 stands in one box.
Single 65 or 95 stand is $80. Get any 2 or 3 together for $75 each.
UPS shipping is just about the same price for 3 or 1. Don't make UPS richer and also save a tree.
Sorry to say International shipping has gone crazy with Covid. Contact me for a quote.

Thank you for all the great compliments on the stands and keep the pictures coming.


Craig Huzway

 Here is a real time stand assembly video.

IOM info - I make one size. Fits most of the modern skinny boats.

  For my Long distance people I have found the magic number is 3 stands in one box.

Mix and match DF65 and DF95 stands if you have both.

This brings postage cost down to between $30 to $35 per stand.

This is good for Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe and the UK.

Substantial savings across the US also.

 No containers to wait for here !